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Roxa Rental Ice Skates



Rental skatRoxa rental ice skates e; innerboot with special material, quick to dry and to clean. Buckles closure. Steel hockey blade.

Sizes 1:
• EU 26 - 31
• MP 16.60 - 19.5
Sizes 2:
• EU 32 - 36
• MP 20.0 - 22.5
Sizes 3:
• EU 37 - 41
• MP 23.5 26.5











 1151 Rental Hockey Boot

Roxa rental ice skates


Rental skate; innerboot with special material, quick to dry and to clean, liner with stop system (outstop). Buckles closure. Steel hockey blade.

• EU: 28 - 47
• MP 17.5 - 31.0











Festive Ice Rinks

Festive ice rink hire

WH Leisure Limited is committed to providing first class Winter & Festive ice rinks and has a Turnkey solution to suit any budget.


The roll out polyethylene tubes makes the rink cooling floor, a revolution in the world of ice rinks. The system comprises several hundred small tubes through which a refrigerant is pumped. The liquid is cooled by refrigeration plant to sub-zero temperatures. Water that comes into contact with the polyethylene tubes and the floor system freezes, creating a layer of ice.



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The BBC once again chose Alpine Ice Rinks to provide a small ice pad for CBBC show Marrying Mum & Dad.  More »

BBC One Show

BBC Choose Alpine ice rinks to provide a Curling rink to demonstrate the sport prior to the winter Olympics at slochi.  More »


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